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The Center (formerly The Senior Center)

The Center - current site
The Center - current site

Senior Center - 2012
Senior Center - 2012

Senior Center - before
Senior Center - before

The Center’s mission is to positively impact our community by creating opportunities for healthy aging through social engagement, physical well-being, civic involvement, creativity, and lifelong learning.

This was a re-design project. On every level. In 2012.

The original site was designed and maintained by some very dedicated and passionate volunteers. Over time though, the site had sprawled out of control.

The Center has a LOT of activity—there can be over 400 events per MONTH! A proper calendar, a content management system, and ecommerce functionality were their main goals for this project.

We created all that, and gave them a clean, modern look that’s easy to navigate and search.

Five years later, they asked us to do a re-design. This time, we went with an elegant color palette with pops of blue. We used big bold photography, updated the navigation, upgraded the content management system, and did some housekeeping to keep the site running lean and clean. 

Here’s what they originally said:

“The design and navigation needed to be fresh and senior-friendly. An imposing amount of content needed to be thoughtfully corralled. We needed to add ecommerce and CMS capabilities. Basically, we wanted the moon on a budget that at least one other web design company laughed at.

“Enter drw Design. Debra is a combination platter of design savvy, technical know-how, and street smarts—with a side of fun. She gave us everything we asked for and, more than a year later, is still readily available when we send out an SOS.

“The site continues to draw compliments and we continue to love it. Thank you, Debra!”

Virginia Peale
Marketing Coordinator | Senior Center, Inc.

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