drw Design LLC

Why choose drw Design?

We are collaborators, not implementers. We are highly competent in both web design and development but also are strong on marketing and communication skills. We don’t just want to DO, we want to advise/assist you in putting your best possible image out there. We will advocate for solutions we think will work best for your business. (Know that in the end, though, you’ll have the final say because you’re the client!)

We have standards. We want our code and our style sheets to validate. In other words, the site should be as pretty under the hood as it is to the outside world. It’s really important to us that the architecture and functionality are very robust. The navigation has to be intuitive. The site needs to be a pleasure to use on a lot of different levels.

We don’t quit. We love juicy, complex database-y sites we can really sink our teeth into. We like the challenge. We enjoy solving the puzzle. We love taking something ho-hum and making it gorgeous. It’s hard work, though. We will take hold of your project like bulldogs and not let go until everything’s working how we envisioned.

We do what we say we will do. We are big believers in keeping promises, meeting deadlines, honoring contractual agreements, staying on budget, and being generally enthusiastic, creative and pleasant throughout the process.

We don’t leave. We choose our projects and clients carefully because we’re in it for the long haul. Most websites are not one-off jobs. They are constantly growing and changing. We’re potentially in relationships with our clients for a good long time, and we like that.

Contact: Debra Weiss | debra@drwdesign.com | 434-293-2468

Client references available upon request.