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D.I.R.T. Studio

D.I.R.T. Studio - current site
D.I.R.T. Studio - current site

D.I.R.T Studio - before [circa 2014]
D.I.R.T Studio - before [circa 2014]

D.I.R.T. studio is a critical design practice driven by a love for the landscape, fascination with site histories, concern for marginalized communities and an obsession with urban regeneration.

This was a redesign project. Our client’s site was originally designed circa 2014 and, while it was really nice for its time, it hadn’t been updated. Our client had recently been the recipient of a prestigious prize in her field and knew there was going to be a lot of press coverage. She wanted her site to basically look the same, but with a fresher look, responsiveness on mobile, with re-organized and updated content. She also requested that future updates could be done easily in-house.

This is what she said:

“The site looks FANTASTIC. Thank you for your patience!”

—Julie Bargmann
Founder + Principal
D.I.R.T. Studios

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